Get to know your dance team captains

Samantha Simon '13, Emily Kolker '13
Samantha Simon '13 (left) and Emily Kolker '13 (right).

Conducted by Hailey Katz

Staff Writer

The Roar caught up with dance team captains Emily Kolker ’13 and Samantha Simon ’13 to learn more about the girls who lead the team.

Milken Roar: What are your favorite types of dance?

Samantha Simon: Contemporary and improv.

Emily Kolker: I love to do hip-hop.

MR: Do you dance outside of school?

SS: Yes. I have a private contemporary coach, a ballet/pointe teacher, and I go to take classes at the Edge when I can.

EK: I don’t really get a chance to dance that much out of school. I just do some classes on the weekend when I have time.

MR: How many hours a week do you practice?

EK: At Milken I practice for 7 hours a week.

MR: Do you want to pursue a dancing career?

SS: Yes. I surely want to continue dancing in college, however, I’m not sure if I want to be a part of a dance program or if I wan to major in the subject. It will definitely be a part of my life in the long run.

EK: Well, I’m not really sure, but I have always wanted to be a backup dancer for a famous singer! I do know for sure though that I want to continue to dance through my college years.

MR: Why do you dance?

SS: I dance because it relieves my stress and I like to exercise. Also, it makes me happy.

EK: I got into it when I was really young, and I’ve just loved it ever since. Also, it’s good exercise and it’s a lot of fun.

MR: How long have you been dancing?

SS: I have been dancing for five years.

EK: I have been dancing since I was about four years old.

MR: What are your goals as a dancer?

SS: To be unique and distinct with my movements and to improve as a dancer both technically and emotionally.

EK: I want to improve my technique and experience all different types of dance. I want to broaden my knowledge of dance and continue to improve in my dancing skills all around.

MR: Who or what inspires you to dance?

SS: I get inspired when I watch professionals and see how they incorporate their emotions from their typical lives into their dancing and their performances.

MR: When will the dance team’s first performance be?

SS: In Vegas for our competition on February 11.

MR: Are you two friends out of dance?


MR: What do you like to do besides dance?

SS: I love photography and I’m really interested in fashion.

EK: I like to play sports, exercise and spend time with my friends and family.

MR: What are your favorite TV shows?

SS: Parenthood, So You Think You Can Dance and Gossip Girl.

EK: Grey’s Anatomy and Friends.

MR: What is your favorite book?

SS: The Hunger Games!

EK: Twilight.