Spotlight Artist: Mikhael Noah ’12

Yasmine Novian

Spotlight Editor

Throughout the month of January, Mikhael Noah ‘12’s innovative artwork will be showcased in the library.

From the time he could first pick up a pencil, Noah has been captivated by the world of illustration. Art has become a pivotal aspect of Noah’s life.

“The main thing is to keep doing what I like doing,” Noah said. “It’s very relaxing for me and I guess just turns out perfectly.”

As a second year student in AP Studio Art, Noah is nearing the end of the creation of his twenty-four-piece portfolio and is preparing it for submission to the AP board.

The way in which Noah mainly draws is quite unique from the average pencil, charcoal or paint. Noah uses a tablet, wired to a computer, on which he draws with a special pen. The lines that he makes then show up on the computer screen.

Noah explains his methods as “hard to get adjusted to. You’re looking up at the screen while your hand is moving on its own. If you’re just looking down at your hand, random marks will appear on the screen. But soon it becomes easier than pen and paper.”

Initially interested in concentrating his art on women, Noah got side tracked and just let his concentration go wherever his art took it. Although he has yet to decide on a formal name for his concentration, Noah believes a futuristic blanket can be draped over the entirety of his concentration.

Noah hopes to keep art integrated in his life as he moves forward.

Mikhael Noah '12 collage