Spotlight Artist: Zoe Lewin ’12

Yasmine Novian

Spotlight Editor

“I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t taking art classes,” Zoe Lewin ’12, one of January’s co-Spotlight Artists, said.

From the age of about five, Lewin has taken classes at Mission Renaissance as well as various classes offered at Milken. Additionally, Lewin spent a summer at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) taking a figure drawing and fashion course. Her in-depth study of the human body and skeleton has established a strong base for her passion of exploring human anatomy.

As a former AP Studio Art student, Lewin has decided to complete her portfolio independently this year and submit it to the AP board this May.

Guided by this passion for the human body, specifically the woman’s body, Lewin has created a very engrossing theme for her concentration. Calling it “exposed”, Lewin illustrates a particular part of the human body as skeleton in her artwork, while the rest of the body is presented normally.

“My inspiration comes from the woman’s figure,” says Lewin. “The nuances and subtlety to every curve of the body fascinates me. I really enjoy understanding and interpreting the figure.”

As an essential role in the creation of her identity, art will surely play out through Lewin’s life. She hopes to take this creative outlet and possibly minor in art in college.

Zoe Lewin '12 collage