First ever Winter Formal a success

Winter Formal photo
Photo by Alexi Rosenfeld, AJR Photography.

Noa Kattler Kupetz

Staff Writer

A celebratory spirit replaced the stress of first semester as Milken students gathered at the Skirball Cultural Center on Saturday, January 14 for Winter Formal. Filling the Ahmanson Ballroom, students danced, talked and dipped sweets into a chocolate fountain in a Bar Mitzvah-type atmosphere.

The night began with few expectations because this was the first Winter Formal, a dance previously known to Milken students as Winter Ball. Student government enforced the name change primarily to advertise the dance as “the first ever Winter Formal.”

Unlike the Homecoming Dance, which brought few to the dance floor, dancing was a major aspect of Winter Formal. Seniors were particularly enthusiastic, and even climbed the stairs to dance around the DJ booth (located above on a balcony running along the inside of the ballroom).

DJ Miles of KIIS-FM provided music, playing pop and rap hits that kept the party lively.

Though the room felt filled, a significant portion of the junior class was missing. Regardless, a majority of the freshman, sophomore and senior classes were in attendance. At the end of the night, students were left with the feeling that Winter Formal properly brought first semester to a close.