Get to know a coach: Coach Holton

Coach Holton

Avi Sholkoff

Staff Writer

In our second Spotlight Coach, The Roar sat down with girls soccer coach Mr. Nick Holton.

Milken Roar: How many years have you been coaching at Milken?

Coach Holton: This is my fourth year at Milken. I have been coaching club soccer and high school soccer for a decade. I currently coach the Westside Breakers (girls club soccer team). I used to coach at East Lansing High School in Michigan, at Rockford High School in Michigan, at Capital Area United (club soccer team) in Michigan as well as scouting and camp coaching for Alma College.

MR: What sport(s) do you coach?

CH: Girls soccer, I have coached boys as well.

MR: Do you teach any classes?

CH: World History I, World History II and Race, Class & Gender.

MR: What is (are) your favorite sport(s) to play?

CH: Soccer, golf or basketball.

MR: To follow?

CH: Soccer, college basketball.

MR: Which team(s)?

CH: Arsenal in the English Premier League, Michigan State Spartans basketball and the Detroit Pistons.

MR: Favorite TV show?

CH: Community, Entourage.

MR: Favorite movie?

CH: The Last Samurai, Star Wars, Caddyshack.

MR: Favorite food?

CH: Chicken fried venison.

MR: Teacher best friend?

CH: Ms. Rosenberg (AP Psychology and Modern World Jewish History II teacher).

MR: Any other unique facts about yourself?

CH: Each summer I travel to Europe as a consultant for a non government organization that promotes alternate Holocaust education.