New teacher profile: Mr. Narcisse

Mr. Narc Narcisse
Mr. Narc Narcisse. Photo by Sam Simon.

Eden Jablon

News Editor

With the abrupt departure of Mr. Gray George, physics teacher, Mr. Narc Narcisse has joined the Milken faculty to replace George.

Born in New Jersey, Narcisse moved to France at age nine. While attending Lycee de Montegeron high school, he focused on science and pursued a career in track and field. Because the schooling system in France did not allow him to simultaneously undertake an academic education and an athletic path, Narcisse moved to Pennsylvania to attend Lock Haven University before transferring to UCLA.

After graduation, Narcisse worked for a corporate office for roughly nine months. Eager to find a job he loved, he spent time as a coach for a professional track team and a personal trainer. While coaching at Brentwood, a spot opened up for a French teacher.

“I had zero aspirations of becoming a teacher, it just happened,” Narcisse said.

In January, Milken contacted Narcisse with the offer of teaching an honors physics class. He now spends his days teaching at Milken, his afternoons coaching at Brentwood, his evenings tutoring and most weekends as DJ Narc. He takes any free time to work out or nap – understandable with his busy schedule.

“I don’t DJ every weekend… just yet,” he said.