We must Watch The Throne

Lauren Kashefi

Staff Writer

Living in Los Angeles, we are lucky to be able to attend multiple special events, such as award ceremonies, sporting events, movie premiers and concerts at incredible venues such as the Staples Center and Nokia Theatre.

Kanye West and Jay-Z are two artists who have had multiple concerts in LA separately, but when they teamed up for their Watch The Throne tour people experienced a new era of entertainment. When tickets were first put on sale the server crashed and new dates were set up. When those two dates quickly sold out a third night was added in LA. As people began to attend the show on the east coast, Los Angeles fans got more and more excited for Watch The Throne to come closer. When it finally did, the show had everyone leaving Staples Center sweating, stunned from the greatness they just experienced and anxious for more.

The Yeezy and Hova fans flooded into their seats at 7:30 PM, the time the concert was set to start. Everyone continuously checked their iPhones waiting for the lights to dim, and they finally did… at 9:30 PM.

The lights went out and their first single, “H.A.M.,” began blaring from the speakers to start off the wild ride. Two stages lit up, Kanye West appeared on the main stage and Jay-Z on the other, which made everyone unsure of which stage to even look at. As the dynamic duo started off the concert the crowd found themselves in shock that they were in the presence of these incredible artists, and begin chanting the lyrics. After singing a few other songs from “Watch The Throne,” including “Otis” and “Welcome To The Jungle,” Kanye and Jay took turns singing their songs, such as “All Falls Down” and “Big Pimpin,” dating back to 1999. As they nodded and bounced to each other’s music, their support and admiration for each other’s greatness was felt by everyone jumping in the arena.

As the two continues to go back and forth performing hit after hit, the crowd got more and more excited with the drop of every song. Besides the incredible performances, the two jumbo screens (one following each rapper) were so clear that you felt as if you can reach and wipe the sweat off of Kanye’s brow, or smother lip balm on Jay-Z’s plump lips.

The final part of the concert, which consisted of the two mega-rappers singing their hit song “Paris” approximately nine times in a row, was the highlight of the show, with the fans flooding the stage, standing on chairs and repeating the same four verses again and again with more enthusiasm every time the fast food “fish fillet” was yelled.

At the end of the evening Kanye West told people in the crowd, “If this is your first concert, it’s all downhill from here,” which is a perfect quote from the perfect entertainer.