Milken Mart unveils new credit card program to considerable backlash

Lauren Kashefi

Staff Writer

This year, the Student Store has made a major change: With cash no longer accepted, all students are now required to use a Milken Mart card whenever they wish to buy something from the store. Complaints have been circulating amongst students regarding this new rule:

“It’s stupid; now I starve every day because my mom won’t pack me lunch and I don’t have a card,” Andrew Binafard ’14 said. “I feel like it is unnecessary and not beneficial.”

“The cards were a decision made by the school administration and the MPA board at the conclusion of last year in order to help accounting and security,” Fern Dubow, manager of the Milken Mart, said.

Although many Milken students are resistant to the constant changes on campus, the issues regarding the store cards have reached another level. Some students, such as Nikolai Partiyeli ’14, are rebelling by refusing to purchase a card. Students claim the cards are a big inconvenience  because they constantly run out of money and have to be refilled from a credit card, something most students do not have.

“When it runs out it’s inconvenient, cash is easier,” Max Gains ’13 said. “We should be able to use cash even if the card is preferred.”

There are multiple reasons that people are not restocking their cards with money. Noah Applebaum ’12, stating, “I’m too lazy to refill my card,” holds one of the most common reasons for not refilling the cards. Other students, such as Gabrielle Zimbler ’12, refuse to cave in to the card because “they’re pointless.”

Has the laziness of the hardworking Milken students hindered the income of the student store? Will the store soon go back to accepting our cash?

“No, we will not return to cash,” Dubow said. “The school is looking at a one card system for everything from library books to attendance.”