Trends column: December 2011

Trends photo collage
Photos by Leeat Elkayam.

Leeat Elkayam

Staff Writer

Snuggle up with a warm NEON sweater this winter. Bright neon pinks, yellows, and purples are now in fashion. The weather has really gotten colder, and instead of wearing dorky earmuffs, you can keep warm with a thick knitted headband. They are very much in fashion – and your ears won’t freeze in the cold. Metallic colors like silver and copper are also very much in style and would look great as a Winter Formal color on anyone. The new trend around school is velvet skirts and pants (like those of Samantha Suman ’15 featured above). You can find velvet shirts, tank tops and dresses too, but keep them school appropriate! Lets take it old school and bring back sweaters and jackets with elbow patches (like Mr. Beau Lindsay, Latin teacher, also featured above). If you are planning on wearing shorts and staying warm this December, we got you covered. Thigh-high socks are in fashion and will definitely keep your legs warm wherever you go this winter break (see Alex Shamash ’15, also featured above). Stay warm and stay fashionable Milken!