Debate team captain Julia Reifkind ’12 selected for national competition

Julia Reifkind '12
Julia Reifkind '12, celebrating her acceptance into the 2011-12 United State World School Debate Championship Team.

Noa Kattler Kupetz

Media Editor

Leading the Milken debate team as varsity captain for the past three years, Julia Reifkind ’12 has developed skills laudable enough to be selected to participate on the 2011-12 United State World School Debate Championship Team (USWSDC). Reifkind received the exciting news of her acceptance last week after auditioning in November with the head coach of the USWSDC team.

The USWSDC is highly competitive, and is composed of several teams competing on the local, national and international levels. Reifkind has been placed into the National Development team with thirty other debaters from across the United States.

Reifkind transferred to Milken in tenth grade, with previous debate experience in the Lincoln-Douglas style from her former school. Milken’s debate team, headed by Oliver Savage, had yet to compete in the Lincoln-Douglas style, so Reifkind brought in her knowledge and helped coach her teammates. Now multiple Milken students compete in the Lincoln-Douglas style; and in November a Milken student won an entire tournament in the Lincoln-Douglas style – a victory partially credited to Reifkind’s teaching.

On the USWSDC team, Reifkind will be competing in parliamentary style, a format she has yet to grow comfortable with. Reifkind is excited for the challenge of expanding her debating range in multiple training sessions that will lead up to her first competitions on the USWSDC team.

As for the future, Reifkind plans on competing in college.

“I am very passionate about public speaking and argumentation and I hope to debate competitively for as long as I can,” Reifkind said.

Reifkind’s acceptance onto the USWSDC marks a celebratory achievement for the Milken debate team. The teammates look forward to Reifkind’s success.