December Teacher Q+A Part Two- Mr. Tash

Mr. Tash

The Q+A- two student, two teachers, each month. This month we sat down with technology teacher Mr. Max Tash.

Conducted by Leigh Jacobson


Common misconception about teachers: We enjoy repeating ourselves.

Most creative gift, given or received: I surprised my wife with an additional surprise birthday party the evening of the same day she already had a birthday party.

Movie you’ve seen the most: It’s a tie between “Godfather I & II” and “American Graffiti.”

Book you’ve read most: “The Spirit of St. Louis” by Charles Lindbergh.

Fictional character you identify with: Jerry Lundegaard (William Macy’s character) in “Fargo.”

Obsolete item you won’t trash: My Osborne 1 portable computer (yes, it still works!).

What you wanted to be at age 10: An astronaut.

Student pet peeve: Coming into class and asking me what we’re doing in class that day (when there’s a detailed calendar available to them on the school’s website, in the FirstClass class conference and on my website!).

Procrastination technique: Get something to eat.

Secret hobby: Used to fly my own airplane (Mooney 201LM) and will, hopefully, do so again.

Favorite historical figure: Nachshon.

Favorite piece of art in your home/anywhere: Small painting of an English bread shop.

Movie star you always wanted to be: I’ve known movie stars. There isn’t one I’d want to be.

Favorite gadget: My son’s iPhone or my daughter’s iPad.

Topic you love but won’t discuss at a party: Political leanings to the right on certain topics.

The last meal you had: My turkey pasta sauce with spaghetti and homemade garlic bread.

Funniest English word(s): Ferp.

Most memorable teaching experience: Watching the results of the first live discussion broadcast and how well the students did their jobs.

Most visited website, why: My Yahoo page because it’s my browser’s default page.

Favorite cancelled-too-soon TV show: Frank’s Place, which lasted one season on CBS in 1987.

Most beloved/interesting item at your office desk: A picture of me directing Tim Reid on the set of WKRP in Cincinnati.