Sophie Golub ’12: Spotlight Artist

Sophie Golub Artwork 1

Yasmine Novian

Spotlight Editor

From a young age, art has always played a role in Sophie Golub ’12’s life. Golub, along with her family, always visited museums while traveling abroad.

Using these experiences as her source of inspiration and creativity, Golub developed a passion for art and design. From what initially started out as an interest in fashion and style, Golub morphed her artistic expression into one of subjective drawing.

After two years of art classes at Milken, Golub enrolled in AP Studio Art where she focused on creating a portfolio of varied pieces. As her concentration, Golub is in the process of creating 12 pieces centered on her selected theme of hands. With pieces in which the hand is the focus, as well as pieces in which the hand just compliments the composition, Golub’s interest in how the hand does things in different ways is portrayed.

As Golub continues her artistic pursuit she aims to approach art with a looser hand. By adding a more sketch-like aura to her pieces, Golub looks to capture a style that is less controlled and more boundless.

Sophie Golub Artwork 2

In addition to her 12 concentration pieces, Golub has created various breadth pieces in which she has experimented with pencil, penand chalk pastel.

“I don’t actually want to have a career in art, but I always want it to be somehow infused in everything I do. Even if art is not the sole path I take, I still like having this kind of inspired expression,” Golub said.

Golub’s eminent creativity and diligence will continue to carry her through and beyond the confines of Milken.