Tiyulim week to return in April

Gabe Freeman

Sports Editor

Last year Tiyulim week quietly disappeared. While the ninth graders were at their Colorado River trip and the seniors were in Poland, the sophomores and juniors were deprived of their usual special trips.

Ultimately, last year’s Tiyulim week absence was merely a timing issue with Passover break and AP testing. This year, however, Tiyulim week will be back in its normal post-spring break slot, and the trips look promising in their early development stages.

Mr. Lieb, science teacher, has proudly been in charge of Tiyulim week for the past several years.

“This year is neat because we are highlighting student leadership,” Lieb said.

Lieb explained that a faculty committee is currently hearing around 10 proposals. Some of the highlights include a dance program trip, an east coast college tour, an integrated adventure and possibly a New Orleans service trip.

“I think its going to be the most awesome year because we have student-run and student-led programs. It’s all about the students and their leadership,” Lieb said.

Luckily for the current tenth and eleventh graders, Tiyulim week is back. This truly valuable week gives students an excellent opportunity to experience something that they would not otherwise experience in school.
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