Fruit stand and breakfast burritos come to Milken

Fruit Stand
Chava works the fruit stand. Photo by Sara Tabibzadeh.

Sara Tabibzadeh and Yasmine Novian

Staff Writers

On Monday, November 7, Milken’s food snack department was forever revolutionized. On the way to classes early Monday morning, students were stunned to see small metals carts in the amphitheater.

“At first, I just stopped and stared. Then I realized where I had seen this magnificent gift. It was a Mexican fruit stand!” Theodore Gabbai ’15 said.

Everyday from 10:30 AM through the end of lunch, Mexican styled fruit is sold in the amphitheatre for five dollars. Students can choose from a variety of watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, mango, cucumber or honeydew. Customers can then choose to add lemon juice, salt or pico de gallo to their selection of fruit.

Dr. Fuller, Ethan Kraft ’12, Ethan Goffigon ’13 and a few Milken parents and teachers teamed up and formed a committee devoted to changing Milken’s eating habits.

Until now, Milken students had few choices of how to snack in between classes. The Milken Mart offers bagels and cream cheese, muffins, chips and others of that sort. The fruit stand has offered Milken a healthier alternative for snacking between classes.

This new addition to campus has added much enthusiasm.

“They like it… they love it! Especially with the pico de gallo, they get so excited,” Chava, fruit vendor, said.

In addition to the fruit stand, Vicki’s lunchbox now makes breakfast burritos available for purchase in the Milken Mart. They go on sale as soon as the store opens in the morning, and are available until they run out.

“We wanted to give Milken students a greater variety of healthy options,” Kraft ’12 said.

The committee is also trying to bring other breakfast additions, such as orange juice, to Milken.