Student government holds first ever Live at Lunch

Avi Sholkoff

Staff Writer

From Monday, November 14 through Friday, November 18, Milken students put on their first annual Live at Lunch. Dozens of student performed, as well as Mr. Sonny Ahad, physics teacher. Among the participating singers and bands were Alex Petrasek ’12 and Asher Levy ’12. DJs also participated in the event, including DJ Winterfresh (Alon Winter ’12) and DJ Afar (Ahrya Far ’15). In addition, a rap battle took place between Elai Shine ’12, Elan Dassa ’12 and Jack Freeman ’12.

“I enjoyed the raps that the students performed. I thought they were funny,” Skyler Gisondo ’14 said.

The idea was started by Student Government President Ami Fields-Meyer ’12, who worked with Rachel Kattler Kupetz ’12 and the rest of Student Government.

“We’re trying to bring about a culture of openness and leisure, all underscored by initiative,” Fields-Meyer said. “I want Milken to be a place where students want to be, and so does the rest of the Student Government. So our team is really working hard to make our school that space.”

The Milken community is looking forward to the next Live at Lunch and other student government events.