Suck for Luck candidates

Andrew Luck
Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck (12) passes against UCLA in the third quarter of an NCAA college football game in Stanford. Photo courtesy of

Sam Kaplan

Staff Writer

As the NFL season passes the halfway mark and teams are fighting for a spot in the playoffs, the bottom-feeders of the league are in a race of their own. At the end of the regular season, the team with the worst record will have won the “Suck for Luck” sweepstakes. Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck is expected to declare for the NFL draft at the end of the college football season, and he is considered by many football experts to be the greatest quarterback to come out of college since John Elway. Andrew Luck is so good that many fans want their teams to tank this year just so they can draft the coveted quarterback. His accuracy, ability to stay in the pocket and arm strength all have NFL owners drooling. Here’s a list of the top teams that have the highest chances of drafting Andrew Luck:

1. Indianapolis Colts

With a winless record so far, the Colts are the clear front-runners to draft Luck. Ever since Peyton Manning’s numerous neck surgeries that cost him the season, the Colts realized that they are awful without a star quarterback. At this point in Manning’s career, moving on from him and drafting Andrew Luck would be something that the Colts would do. If they draft Luck, the decision will then become whether the Colts will let Manning remain the starter and show Andrew Luck the way for a few years (like Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers) or trade him and let Luck start right away.

2. Miami Dolphins

Since the Dolphins won their last few games, they have hurt their chances of finishing with the worst record. Matt Moore has found a rhythm these last few weeks, but ultimately, the team and its fans would much rather have Luck taking the snaps. The Dolphins will most likely take a quarterback, but at this point are too good for Luck.

3. St. Louis Rams

With Sam Bradford already in command of the offense, the Rams would most certainly trade their selection if they obtained the top pick. Quarterback is not a need for St. Louis, and they would look to trade down a couple of spots in return for players that fill the holes on their team.

4. Minnesota Vikings

Would the Vikings draft a quarterback in consecutive years? Last year, the Vikings drafted rookie Christian Ponder in hopes of him being their franchise quarterback. So far, he has shown the ability to be that guy for them, and getting the first pick in the draft would certainly shake things up. Vikings fans would prefer to suck for Luck, but at this point Ponder seems to have his job secured.