Milken Mart undergoes multiple changes

Sara Tabibzadeh

Staff Writer

As many new and returning Milken students know, the Milken Mart has undergone a couple changes this year. These changes caused quite a bit of commotion, but students may not understand the reasons behind them.

First, the Milken Mart now only accepts Milken Mart cards. The decision to make the change from cash to cards was made by the administration and the Milken Parents Association.

There were two main reasons for this modification, the first being safety. The responsibility of carrying huge amounts of cash to and from the store was a very large, unnecessary and dangerous job for Ms. Fern Dubow, the Manager of the Milken Mart. This issue is now avoided with the cards.

The second reason for using Milken Mart cards is to separate Milken from Stephen S. Wise. The cards ensure that the profit made from the student store goes back to Milken, and it is much easier to keep track of the money as well. The cards allow Dubow to keep a closer eye on the financing of the store.

“The cards make it a lot easier on the parents working in the store to handle the money and change,” Dubow said.

Additionally, traffic flow within the store has been improved with the placement of new stations, which create and regulate the lines and help fire safety.

Milken Mart cards can be bought online, and for further directions or questions you can stop by the student store or email Fern Dubow at [email protected].

Featured image by Samantha Simon.