Spotlight Musician: Michael Kalman ’14

Michael Kalman '14
Kalman performs onstage. Photo courtesy of Michael Kalman.

Justin Kroll

Staff Writer

At only six years old, Michael Kalman ’14 began his musical journey when he learned to play the piano. He has had a deep connection to music ever since, adding the guitar to his repertoire at the end of fifth grade.

“I’ve liked music since I can remember,” Kalman said.

Inspired by The Beatles, Kalman actually started his own band, called Sunday Postal Service, with a friend during a jam session just over a year ago. It quickly expanded to become a band of four.

“It’s a lot of fun to make music,” Kalman said. “We have some fans that we don’t know who like our music.”

In order to get word around about his band and upcoming events, Kalman hands out fliers and uses Facebook, as well as other social networking sites.

“I love music so much because there is so much variety in it that you are never trapped inside a box figuratively,” he said. “You can always invent a new type of music or revolutionize an old genre, it’s been happening since the start of music and every day there are new bands with new sounds becoming well known.”

Look for Kalman’s music on Facebook.