Man of La Mancha review

Man of La Mancha cast
The cast of Man of La Mancha. Photo by Sandra Goodglick.

Zachary Brenner

Staff Writer

When going to see this year’s fall musical, Man of La Mancha, I must admit I had high expectations for the play. After leaving the theater when the performance was over, I realized that the performance had not matched my expectations. It far surpassed them. The play was phenomenal.

Under the instruction of the show’s director, Mr. Robert Menna, Jonah Schatz ’13 took on the role of Don Quixote de La Mancha, supported by his follower Sancho Panza, played by Benny Pitt ’14. The experience these actors brought to the stage was evident, and their performances were extremely convincing. Kenzie Caplan ’12 took on the role of Aldonza or Dulcinea and also displayed her experience. She was a crucial component of the production. All three of these actors were able to bring their characters to life.

The play was not only successful because of the leading roles’ performances, but also due to the entire cast’s performances and the energy brought to the stage. I could see expression in every actor’s face and could feel their emotion as they performed.

Students who have been to previous plays have seen a traditional stage setup. This year, though, the stage is amongst the audience rather than on the literal stage. This new setting made the play feel much more believable and real.

Additionally, the musical elements of the play were outstanding, with a live band performing under the conduction of Kelly Shepard, performing arts department chair. The solos performed by the actors were stellar.

The acting made the elements of the Spanish Inquisition very intense, the conversations between Sancho Panza and Don Quixote de La Mancha very humorous, and overall created a very believable performance. The hours spent on producing the play proved to have been worthwhile in the end, as during many parts during the play I found myself sitting upright at intense moments, laughing at witty lines and clapping after the musical numbers.

Ultimately, I would recommend going on to to pick up tickets for this production. It is really worth seeing.

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