Trends column: November 2011

Trends collage
Photos by Leeat Elkayam.

Leeat Elkayam and Annabelle Caplow

Staff Writers

Are you fashionably ready for November? We have you covered. Stay warm with a cool leather jacket, or maybe a school spirited letterman jacket (like Shai Kohavi ’14, featured above). Dress it up with some studded shirts or sweaters, or maybe even studded heels (but not for school!). Some really cute studded shirts are usually plaid or showing some shoulder (like Leeat Elkayam ’15 and Daphna Fischel ’15, featured above). Keep your fashionable head warm with a cool beanie (like Slater Girocco ’15, also featured above). Shoes like moccasins and desert boots are a good choice to look good and stay warm. Layer it up with sweaters and jewelry too! Show some skin with an open back shirt or dress, but don’t wear it to school cause you’ll get dress coded… raise your “hipster status” by wearing a sweater with cats on it. We’ll be back in December, so stay warm and fashionable Milken!