Comfort in the library

Library couch
The new library couch. Photo courtesy of the Milken Student Government.

Avi Sholkoff

Staff Writer

On October 21, Student Government announced it would be adding a couch to the library. The decision was based on a student poll run by Student Government.

The couch will be placed in the side area where the magazines are located. Student Government is paying for the couch with a fund they set up for fun things to add to campus.

“One of the goals of Student Government this year is to make Milken a place students want to be. We want to make it more enjoyable, more comfortable,” Ami Fields-Meyer ’12, Student Council President, said.

93 Milken students participated in the poll, who were encouraged to vote in the “Milken Students” Facebook page ( 79 students said they would love having a couch, while 14 were fine with how the library is currently organized.

The new setup will hopefully make studying more enjoyable and comfortable for Milken students.

“It would be relaxing to sit on after a long day at school,” Nathan Nourian ’12 said.

“The library can be a stressful place. It should also be a place to unwind. Why not unwind on a couch?” Fields-Meyer said.