Apple releases new flagship phone, iPhone 4S

Marc Pakravan '14
Marc Pakravan '14, holding his new iPhone 4S. Photo by Zachary Brenner.

Zachary Brenner

Staff Writer

Apple recently released the iPhone 4S, which introduces many additional features compared to the revolutionary iPhone 4 that preceded it.

After the restructured iPhone 4 that released last year, Apple customers had high expectations for the new product.

The 4S has a new camera that shoots 1080p video, a surprising improvement over the already-astounding iPhone 4 camera.

Apple has also implemented their dual-core A5 chip that is used to power the iPad 2. iOS 5, Apple’s new updated mobile operating system, allows iPhone owners to take pictures with the volume button and access their camera straight from the lock screen.

Apple has also implemented a program called Siri, which allows users to ask their iPhone 4S a question and have it respond.  For example, one could ask their iPhone to give a reminder about their homework due the next day, and can ask their phone to send a message to a friend.

“I want that robot thing,” Karin Ziv ’14 said.

Overall, Milken students have been fascinated by the new product, mostly due to interest in Siri.

“What a lot of people don’t know is that Siri existed before the iPhone 4S as an app in the App Store, but it was not that good. I think it is cool how they developed it with the new iPhone 4S. What frustrates me is that the previous iPhones are capable of having Siri, but Apple does not allow it to function on the previous iPhones, so they can get people to buy the new iPhone 4S,” Brandon Weiss ’14 said.

Regardless, Milken students seem to be amazed and satisfied by the new revolutionary iPhone 4S.


Some funny things to ask Siri:

You: Tell me a joke.

Siri: Two iPhones walk into a bar… I forget the rest.


You: Who are you?

Siri: I am Siri.


You: Where am I?

Siri: *Finds your location*


You: How old are you?

Siri: I don’t see why that should matter.


You: Who’s on first?

Siri: Correct.


You: What is the meaning of life?

Siri: To think about questions like this.