Breaking the dress code

Adi Hadad, Tiffany Maddahi
Adi Hadad '15 (left), wearing clothes that break the dress code, and Tiffany Maddahi '15 (right), wearing clothes that follow dress code. Photos by Jordana Gotlieb.

Jordana Gotlieb

Staff Writer

During the first few months of school, multiple students have been sent home for violating dress code rules. The transformation from summer to fall has been hard due to the continuing heat, which has made dressing for school especially difficult.

The loose, see-through, back and midriff revealing clothes are tempting to wear because they are stylish and help deal with high temperatures, but are also unacceptable according to school rules.

In past years, the rules allowed for two warnings before students were sent home. These warnings were removed because students did not take them seriously, so now they are sent home immediately if they break dress code.

Dr. Kimberly Schwartz, assistant principal for the eleventh and twelfth grades, and Student Government changed the dress code from collared shirts to a more lenient yet modest style of clothing three years ago.

“Allowing students to wear non-collared shirts has allowed us to focus on the standard requiring modesty,” Schwartz said.

While removing the collared shirts  requirement and replacing it with the modesty rule gave students greater freedom and flexibility, it also required students to maintain respectable appearances.

“We are a Jewish school, and we want everyone to feel comfortable and modest. Because Milken is a school for of all types of Jews, we want everyone to feel comfortable with what people are wearing here on campus,” Ms. Francine Landau, assistant principal for the ninth and tenth grades, said.

Landau feels that it is not appropriate for students to wear revealing shirts, as this makes other students feel uncomfortable with what they are wearing and also acts as a distraction to learning.

Even more, the new dress code maintains a polished and professional appearance.