LF Stores photo shoot takes place on Milken campus

LF Store photo shoot image link
Click here for more photos from the LF Store's photo shoot at Milken.

Sophie Golub


When one thinks of Milken, a fashion photo shoot doesn’t usually come to mind. Yet, for Alexandra Sherman, Creative Director of LF Stores and ’03 alum, Milken was the ideal backdrop for the store’s recent fall photo shoot on cardigans.

These trend report photos surfaced in early October and many students were surprised to find the images eerily familiar.

“It’s pretty cool how my school was featured in a store’s photo shoot,” Shoshana Cohen ’12 said. “I love LF, I always click through their trend reports for inspiration, and I always go to their 60%-off sale every year. It was cool how there was a photo shoot literally right in front of my locker, in my biology classroom, and in the gym where I play basketball.”

The theme of the shoot was cardigans and Sherman thought that a school was the perfect setting. The school setting also emphasized the store’s opinion that cardigans are the perfect sweater to wear to school this fall.

Sherman and her fellow styling team were inspired by the 70’s for the shoot, which is seen in the flared denim and floppy hats. The photos were also processed with a vintage coloring to achieve that 70’s feel.

“We felt that some of the architecture and the overall look of the school would help to give off the vintage, 70’s feel that we were going for in the shoot,” Sherman said.