Her luminous locks

Maddy Siegel hair
Maddy Siegel '13 shows off her colorful braid. Photo by Maddy Siegel.

Ivy Schneider

Staff Writer

A color craze has spread around campus, streaking the hair of multiple brave students.

Zoe Lewin ’12 and Maddy Siegel ’13 both dyed the underparts of their hair, near the backs of their necks. Lewin dyed her hair red and Siegel pink. These students enjoy having a funky new look added to their wardrobes, which allows them to experiment with different accessories and clothing items.

“I loved having the bright pink color a part of my blonde hair. I thought the two worked really well together,” Siegel said.

Not everyone dyes his or her hair just for the trend; some believe that it is a way of expressing something further than that, something more personal.

“My mom won’t let me get a cartilage piercing, which I’m dying for, so this is my way of rebellion, temporarily,” Lewin said.

She first dyed her hair at a salon in Israel while on Tiferet. However, two years later Lewin decided to bring her unique appearance back, but this time her friend used a CVS brand and did it for her.

Siegel also purchased a CVS brand, but did the task herself.

“I dyed my hair because it’s something fun to do when you’re bored. I dye part of my hair a different color every summer,” Siegel said.

Siegel and Lewin said that their parents do not approve of their wild choices. However they allow them to experiment because it is what they like.

“My mom couldn’t stand it until the red faded,” Lewin said.

Friends and siblings were so happy with the outcome of their hair that Siegel said her sister copied her completely.

Siegel received reactions that ranged from praise to shock, which consisted of “wow”, “it looks awesome”, “you’re crazy”, and her favorite response by her photography camp teacher, “wow, you remind me of Charlotte Free”, a young model who has earned fame from her bright neon pink highlights.

The students are still contemplating whether or not they are going to dye their hair back to the reds and pinks they once were, but they both know they will bring back their funky looks again in the future. As the crazy colors begin to fade, Lewin and Siegel feel as if they will always carry their wild side within, occasionally with an exciting burst.