The Power of ’12

The class of 2012 cheers at Homecoming. Photo by Elizabeth Heyman '12.

Avi Sholkoff

Staff Writer

The seniors will demonstrate their grade-wide pride by engaging in activities on the twelfth of each month. Ariana Hewitt ’12 came up with the idea.

“I wanted to make our senior year amazing, and the two best ways to make it amazing are unification of the grade and raising money,” she said.

Josh Simmons ’12 said that the seniors are planning countless events.

“We’re celebrating through fundraisers or events or possibly even class trips,” Simmons said.

Last month the seniors sold cookies. This month, free bagels were given out to the seniors as the twlefth of the month fell on senior exploration day. There will also be a scavenger hunt for the teachers and a senior wide game of hide and seek. The entire grade is participating according to Simmons, and other grades should follow their lead. Class council is going to organize the events for the class of 2012.

On the topic of color wars, Simmons would not reveal the class’s color war plans. However, he said that color wars this year will be monumental.

“I’m sure the seniors will want to make their last impressions on the school memorable, so prepare to see something special this next color wars,” Simmons said. Simmons has enjoyed the respect he receives as a senior and hopes to make an impact on the school.

“I remember looking up to the seniors as a freshman, and I hope to set a good example for the younger students,” he said.