Spotlight Artist: Ally Zucker ’12

Ally Zucker painting #1

Yasmine Novian

Spotlight Editor

As this year’s first spotlight artist, Ally Zucker ’12 showcased her evocative artwork in the library on Wednesday, October 5.

Zucker, a second year AP Art Studio student, has been taking art classes since the age of five. Although her mother initially forced her into those classes, Zucker quickly transformed art into a passionate hobby.

Art serves as more than just a leisure activity for Zucker. Through it she been able to narrate her family’s history. In the creation of her AP portfolio, Zucker has focused on 12 concentration pieces which all revolve around the theme of family history and tradition. Her pieces include depictions such as her great-grandfather walking to shul, her grandfather and cousin during the Holocaust, and a juxtaposition of her brother and grandfather, both named Eliezer.

“When my grandparents aren’t around any more, I want people to learn their stories and be able to learn from them what I have been able to,” said Zucker.

While family history is Zucker’s greatest encouragement, she also draws inspiration from her love of Victorian novels. One of her most eye-catching pieces is a result of her infatuation with romance stories, such as Pride and Prejudice. Her adept rendition of the novel gives the painting a certain radiance that truly captures that era.

Zucker proves to bring a great deal of talent and creativity to the campus that she will surely continue to apply outside of Milken.

Here is a selection of work by Ally:

Ally Zucker painting #2

Ally Zucker painting #3


Ally Zucker painting #4


Ally Zucker painting #5


Ally Zucker painting #6


Ally Zucker painting #7


Ally Zucker painting #8