Spotlight Poet: Todd Rubenstein ’12

Yasmine Novian

Spotlight Editor

On Thursday, September 22, Todd Rubenstein ’12 performed his poetry in front of fellow avid writers as this month’s Spotlight Poet.

After carefully reviewing the submitted works, the Writes of Passage committee selected Rubenstein for this honor.

From a young age, Rubenstein has always had an interest in expressing himself through words. He first started his poetry career writing raps, which eventually transitioned into poetry. Additionally, taking Ms. Mansfield’s poetry camp helped him realize his passion for poetry.

Rubenstein’s influences include rappers Eminem and 50 Cent, as well as the poet Gwendalyn Brooks. In particular, Brooks’ poem “Be Real Cool” has been very influential to Rubenstein’s style. Her use of lyrical repetition and sound inspires Rubenstein’s writing and performance. Aside from these influences, Rubenstein’s style is very unique.

“I mostly draw from my own inspiration and try to be original, but everyone has an influence,” Rubenstein said.

Rubenstein uses poetry as a way of communication. He believes that poetry is like another from of expression for those who do not normally express themselves in everyday conversation.

His performance at the Writes of Passage lunch meeting was merely a stepping stone in his poetic journey.

Here are a few of Rubenstein’s poems:


Hypnotic rhythms and bone chillers,

silent killers, skilled, configured

in ways that make the soul cold, shiver.


Once the giver, gives and hinders

forward progress, born belittle,

scrape the litter

plenty looking, plenty hooking, please consider


all the things that lead to bitter,

havings, betting on a better

time to run, so grab a sweater

for winters fun, Id say you better.


Modern Day Moses

Humanity ignored, people hoarded,

trauma running through the head.

While most succumbed, and found their comfort,

seeking shelter in Gods bed.


A Polish frost, froze tears he shed.

Upon finding his mother and six year brother

lying porous,



In the forest.


Headached spirit and endless rage,

in his 5’9 cage, that went so far,

and did proclaim, that in the name of God

He’d shame and kill all those who killed his name.


So, revenge, the next best thing.

Crisp blood and wooden arms, to obtain

in the first place was impossible, but

golden wills and angels always figure.


With one pull of the trigger…

the foul blood that put two to rest,

put another hundred, in devils bed.


While others victims jumped off of ledges,

Killing killers, was his pledge.


Who Is Who

Raised with voices in my head,

to tread along was my mistake,

pardon me for being sane, insane that is,

perhaps ill wait.


Another tide came, due to fate,

my great mistake became a rake

accumulated all the fake.

Until I fall and bend and hate the

never-ending human wait


My weight will fall,

too tall, too tall,

a mountain climber would be in awe.

My house abundant, though made of straw.


Keys are golden, usually.

You’d be a fool to let them win.

Who came up with the worlds first standards?

That key to life, that key is him.

Standards are standard, for those who give in.