Trends column: October 2011

Fashion photo montage
Photos by Leeat Elkayam.

Leeat Elkayam and Annabelle Caplow

Staff Writers

As we make our slow transition from summer to fall, we start wearing new and even recycled trends.

Big  this season: 60’s fashion. Large, round glasses, flared sleeves, flared jeans and much more! From leopard to snake, it is all in style for fall 2011. Get comfy with an oversized sweater, or recycle your dad’s (like Bella Emsallem ’15 in the photos above)! Or, you can opt for a high/low skirt (like Karenne Mashiach ’15, also featured above). Colorize your fall fashion with awesome colors like burgundy, orange, camel, military, navy, sea glass and, as always, classy black. Also, if you are a fan of rings, turquoise stones are now in fashion (see Emsallem’s ring). The bigger the better!

Now, enough about women’s fashion: let’s talk men’s. Sweater vests and wool sports coats are now in style. It gives one an English look. The rebellious leather jackets are also back in, so make sure to stock up on those.

We’ll be back in November for more campus style updates. Stay fashionable,  Milken!