Milken Video News begins new year

Zachary Brenner

Staff Writer

The Wildcat Weekly, Milken’s weekly live news broadcast, returned October 5 at 9:05 AM.  Leigh Jacobson ’12 and Daniel Kort ’12 led off the year as anchors once again.

Eytan Wallace ’14 also returned as the weather man while Daniel Kort ’12 is the anchor and sports reporter.

Students can expect higher quality and more professional graphics.

“We are going to be featuring better dressed anchors and on-camera people for our worldwide viewing audience,” Mr. Max Tash, Milken Video News supervisor, said.

The new graphics on the Wildcat Weekly will look professional and similar to those of Fox News and CNN.

Additionally, live panel discussions will return and provoke advisory discussions.

There also might be a segment that provides Israeli current events, political and social information twice a month.

“I can promise there will still be mistakes that they will like watching. I can say that with confidence because you can see mistakes on the professional network shows.  Why should we be any different?” Tash said.

Any student can contact Tash if interested in joining the second semester Milken Video News class or in being an anchor for future shows.

Photo courtesy of Milken Video News.