NBA lockout: Milken outrage

Sam Kaplan

Staff Writer

With the growing possibility of a full-season NBA lockout, many Milken students are becoming frustrated and upset that there may be no basketball.

The repeated failed attempts to come to an agreement between the NBA Players Association and the owners continuously increases the chances of a missed season.

Without the NBA, students will have to find other ways to spend their free time.

“Although it will help me focus more on my schoolwork, it is upsetting,” Zachary Miller ‘13 said.

The collective bargaining agreement between the two sides expired on July 1, and after several meetings, the players and owners were too far apart to settle the lockout. Students at Milken have had a hard time understanding why the agreement talks have lingered for over three months without resolution.

“It’s disappointing how players and owners are arguing over making money in a time where our economy is bad,” Yona Mizrahi ’13 said.

The start of NBA training camps has already been delayed, and the NBA has announced the cancellation of 43 preseason games from October 9-15. At Milken, the hope is that the two sides will soon come together and realize that the lockout is hurting more than just the league. All NBA fans around the world are frustrated and unhappy, especially at Milken, where the NBA owns the school.

Mitchell and Zach basketball photo
Mitchell Mayer '13 (left) and Zach Miller '13 (right) are unhappy about the lockout. Photo By Sam Kaplan.