The Roar sits down with the president and vice president

Jonah Schatz '13 and Ami Fields-Meyer '12
Jonah Schatz '13 and Ami Fields-Meyer '12 plan for the new year. Photo by Eliana Steinberg.

Eliana Steinberg

Life Editor

What’s your favorite thing about each other?

Jonah: The way his hair doesn’t go down in the back of his head.

Ami: You think it doesn’t go down in the back? What about the front?

J: Yeah, his stupid hair.

A: When I had my first haircut the barber told my parents that I had a double crown and since then Jonah has been making fun of my hair.

What do you hope to bring to Milken this year?

A: Extreme sports, home edition.

J: No, no. Not that.

A: We think that football is changing the culture of Milken. We want to bring more of a traditional high school feel to our campus, in addition to the unique community that we have at Milken.

Which famous duo are you guys?

J: Kobe and Shaq.

A: I don’t know who that is. Batman and Batman’s friend.

J: Bush and the other guy.

A: Dale Schatz and Craig Taubman or Mr. Martin and the law.

What are your secret talents?

A: We make a mean apple strudel together.

J: I have the smelling capabilities of a female bear.

What item is always in your backpack?

J: Frozen cookies for Ami.

A: In all seriousness – a copy of the constitution.

Why did you decide to run?

J: Well I wanted to catch the people responsible for taking the clock down.

A: I feel that there is a lot about this school that works and a lot about this school that only exists because it’s been done so many times. There are other ways to think about town meetings and events that haven’t been thought of before. We’re going to try to think outside of the box.

What’s your campaign slogan?

A: “My mom’s a Rabbi?”

J: “We put the “C” in Milken.”

What is your favorite place at Milken?

A and J: The custodial staff lounge, because we love all of them.

A: And Mr. Martin’s “office.”

How can our school community be improved?

J: By getting people more involved and more interested in getting involved in the fun aspects of school.

A: I think historically, well Milken-wise, people haven’t known that things were going on. No one goes to cross country meets. Very few people go to volleyball games. The more we make information accessible to the community the greater and stronger our community will become.