Macs replace PC computers on high school campus

New macs
Students use the new Apple iMac computers and their personal MacBooks. Photo by Samantha Simon.

Yasmine Novian

Staff Writer

Each year, Milken students arrive back at school to find various enhancements and changes around campus; this year, the student body returned to find Apple iMac computers in the library, technology room and a number of classrooms.

The idea to change from PC to Mac was first tested in the middle school. Since 2009, the middle school has been a Mac campus, meaning each student and classroom is equipped with an Apple computer. Though this one-to-one system — one laptop per student — was slowly brought to the high school, it was not made fully official until this year.

Because each middle school student graduated as a Mac user, it was only appropriate to move the high school onto that same platform. Additionally, each teacher has been given a MacBook for the duration of his or her teaching career at Milken. With the rate of technological advancement each year and the increasing number of students that own laptops, Dr. Cassie, assistant head of school, predicts that, by 2014, there will no longer be a need for any desktops on campus, with the exception of specialized machines for projects such as yearbook and robotics.

The changes have surely left a positive impression on the majority of students.

“I think it was a really smart idea. It helped bring our school into the high tech world that most of us are already a part of outside of school. The system is so fast and the applications make school work much more convenient,” Shelby Moghavem ’14 said.

At the same time though, there are still some students that remain loyal to their PC roots.

“Being a PC user for as long as I can remember, I find the change to Mac to be foreign, inconvenient and just more difficult. But I guess I appreciate the change because the technological world is headed towards great achievements that I don’t want to miss out on,” Jake Davidson ’13 said.

Overall, this advancement has brought Milken students, teachers and administration to a higher level of educational and technological compatibility.