Why Milken needs a cafeteria: A student’s perspective

Rachel Chistyakov

Voices Editor

It may have taken years, but Milken Community High School is finally taking its first baby steps towards becoming a typical American high school with a new tackle football team, Homecoming game and traditional Homecoming dance. Students have rejoiced over the sweet glimpse of normalcy that we have been exposed to, and now we yearn for more. When considering the next step, the new innovation Milken should invest in seems obvious to students who have been aching for this communal structure for years.

The next step Milken needs to take is towards a school cafeteria.

When grades are split up into certain areas where they hang out and eat lunch, we are not fostering a communal environment. If anything, we are alienating each other and keeping ourselves from having inter-grade friendships. Even now, the senior class has been divided over which area to sit in during lunch. A cafeteria would solve this problem instantly: Everyone would be sitting together, under one roof, not split by various buildings. Aside from the communal environment a cafeteria would bring, it would also provide shade for students during 100-degree weather and shelter from strong winds and pouring rain.

The need for a cafeteria has long been established; students have been vouching for a communal eating area for an extended period of time. The only obstacle to making the idea a reality is a burning question that not many have the answer to: Where would we put this cafeteria?

After asking some students around campus, many suggested the amphitheater as a prime location to construct a cafeteria. But most students admitted that there is no space on campus for a cafeteria that could house the number of Milken students and faculty. Instead, imaginative Milken students have offered their dream location for a school cafeteria.

“I would want our cafeteria to be in the Biology room. I mean, we call it Pavel’s Playroom for a reason,” Sarah Ben-Zvi ’12 said.

“I think we should build a cafeteria underneath the amphitheater, like an underground amphitheater,” Lior Givol ’12 said.

“Obviously in the freshmen area because that’s the coolest place in the school,” Jordan Yashari ’15 said.

“In the sky,” Leila Aframian ’15 suggested.

Now, all Milken needs to do is make our dreams a reality. Perhaps the administration should consider creating a committee geared towards creating a school cafeteria. As a community, we can create our dream cafeteria on campus.