September Student Q+A Part Two- Corine Toren ’12

Corine Toren '12

The Q+A- two students, two teachers, each month. This month we sat down with senior Corine Toren.

Conducted by Leigh Jacobson


Common misconception about me: That I drive like an Israeli.

Most creative gift, given or received: A shower cap. My grandma thought it would be a funny birthday present… it wasn’t.

Movie you’ve seen most: Mean Girls.

Book you’ve read the most: American Judaism, by the one and only Jonathan D. Sarna.

One thing I can’t live without: Leigh Jacobson.

What you wanted to be at age 10: Dr. Scoville.

Favorite gadget: Lava lamps.

Teacher pet peeve: When teachers wear socks with sandals.

Procrastination technique: Eating my feelings.

Student hobby: Coning.

Favorite thing about being a senior: My completed collection of NETA books.

Movie star you wish you could take to prom: Michael Cera.

Topic you love but wouldn’t talk about in a college interview: That the only reason I’m applying to their school is because it looks like Hogwarts.

Favorite classes you’ve taken at Milken: Chinese with Zhang Lao Shi! Wo ai ni!

Funniest Hebrew word: “Trampistim.”

Most memorable learning experience: Discovering myself through the “Mi Ani” project in Hebrew Honors 8.

Favorite Milken trend: The desire to become a typical American high school.

Most beloved/interesting item in your school bag: My Milken moment.