Milken Mart to Become KazuNori

Milken Mart Moms Will Serve Students’ Favorite Sushi Rolls


For a long time, the infamous Japanese pizza sushi served at the Milken Mart had taken over student lunches. Sushi, in general, has been one of the most popular meals at the Mart.. after the breakfast burritos, of course. Before the pandemic, many students would wait for Tuesday and Thursday to roll around just so they could get sushi from the Mart. Most days, students would rush to the Mart straight from class and the sushi would sell out before lunch even started. For all this time, many students have been requesting a way for there to be a larger supply of sushi and to take things to the next level. 

With help from students, the Milken Parent Association has been brainstorming ideas on ways to help the renowned Milken Mart sushi become more of a staple than it already is. After a lot of careful consideration, it has been decided that the Milken Mart will be repurposed into a KazuNori sushi bar for when students return to campus. KazuNori is by far the most popular sushi restaurant among Milken students. It is almost guaranteed that you will see at least one Milken student sitting at the KazuNori hand roll bar on any given day, so why not bring the sushi bar to Milken?

The Mart will be offering varying types of sushi, from sashimi to handrolls, and almost everything in between. Only the best quality sushi-grade fish will be used to provide the finest experience for all the students. This idea has been receiving a lot of positive feedback, and is making the comeback to campus more exciting. “My friends and I consider eating sushi as one of our hobbies, and now that we get to have a whole sushi bar in school is so exciting,” senior Shahrzad Townsend says. Students are hoping to return to campus as soon as possible to experience this delicacy and see what this amazing sushi bar has to offer. Another very excited senior, Brandon Nehorayan, says, “I used to go to Kazu with my friends almost every Friday after school so this is a big deal to me. I definitely think a lot of students have been waiting for something like this.” 

According to the faculty, this process should take about three months and will be very costly. After remodeling the campus these past few months, there has been a push to stop spending money on the modern lawn furniture scattered across the campus. Thus, there is now enough money saved up to make this possible. The back of the Mart will be torn down and turned into a KazuNori-like sushi bar lined with stools, and the rest of the Mart will have extra seating. In terms of staff, there will be two chefs hired directly from KazuNori in Westwood, and the meals will of course be served by the Milken Mart moms. 

Although all of the students and a lot of faculty are very delighted, not everyone is pleased with this decision. Milken Mart Manager, Leigh Orloff, says: “The Milken Mart’s purpose is to give students an assortment of the finest and healthiest snacks, and now that is being taken away.” Assistant Milken Mart Manager, Linda Stern, agrees, saying, “It’s unhealthy. There is too much sodium and the kids can get mercury poisoning from eating too much tuna.” Although this may be true, there is no way the students are going to let the sushi bar be snatched away from them.