Pedestrian gate permanently closed


Julia Simon

Staff Writer

Milken is undergoing some changes in regards to the beloved pedestrian gate that is used by students on a daily basis. This gate, which was formerly used by students who park on Mulholland and in the Park and Ride, will be closed permanently as of March 21, 2019. Milken has been receiving complaints from a large amount of parents regarding the safety of allowing students to walk across the bridge while on their way to school. Mulholland Drive is extremely busy in the mornings and after school, and many parents are uncomfortable with their children trudging alongside these dangerous roads with its distracted, anxious drivers on their way to and from work. In addition, the security at Milken will no longer be burdened with looking up names on the long list of students who are allowed to use the entrance when they arrive at the gate, nor will they have to waste their time worrying about the students who use someone else’s name to use the gate because that in itself is a safety concern. Now, the Milken security team feels as though they can focus on the protection of the students in order to create a better, safer kehillah.

It is understood that many students’ parents cannot drive them to school in the morning, and the inability of using the pedestrian gate may cause some concern. However, there is no need to worry because students and their families can consider purchasing a parking spot in the nearly desolate West Lot. This provides a safer alternative to using the hazardous pedestrian gate, which has been causing Milken families and staff much concern and unrest.

The student reaction has been generally mixed, as some students are extremely upset and others are feeling grateful. Aviva Miller ‘20 said that she is “happy that I won’t have to worry about my friends’ lives as they traverse through the dangerous walk.” However, not all students agree.  Zech Humphreys ‘20, son of Director of Operations and Campus Safety Mr. Nathan Humphreys, is upset because he “can’t catch a ride with his friends after school anymore.” He added, “Nothing bad has ever happened to anyone as they walk to the pedestrian gate, and this is way too overprotective.”