Who is the Milken student: What do we eat?

Alison Rollman

Staff Writer

Essentially, food’s purpose is to sustain us. Yet in most recent times, food has become so much more. It’s evolved into a hobby, a means of procrastination, even a lifestyle… in short, what we eat and the way we eat it is an indirect representation of who we are.

“Food… it embodies me,” Brandon Asharian ’11 said.

Our food choice and eating habits give insight into whether we are adventurous, health-conscious, even careless.

At Milken, fundraisers routinely involve donuts or cookies. We love food, we love sweets; we love anything with an obscene amount of sugar (This being a generalization of teenage culture in general).

This takes us to the appeal of food in the first place – people often mistake it for instant gratification, that being taste.

“Health is for chumps. I have one rule- it must taste good,” Amir Shemesh ’11 said.

“I know my limits, so that’s all that matters,” Emily Plutsky ’12 said.

Yet there are always two sides of an issue – there are indeed Milken students who are focused on health.

“I don’t like greasy, fattening foods,” Shani Gilboa ’12 said.

“I like Clementines,” Wesley Aframian ’11 said.

“Oh yeah, the small ones that are sweet and juicy,” Danny Ahdout ’12 said. “Those are healthy, right?”