Community Senate elects new members, proposes ideas

Justin Kroll

Staff Writer

In November, elections took place to elect new members to the Community Senate. The past and present actions of the committee are generally unknown to the student body.

This year, they raised the idea that teachers at school need to be more attentive to the timely return of important papers and materials. A bill was presented to limit the time that teachers have to return these papers, but the bill did not pass.

“Even though it didn’t work, it raised a great discussion,” Fuller said. “We had a tough start this year because in the past, everyone was nominated, but this year was the first time we democratically elected the nominated people. There is always something interesting being brought up in the Community Senate.”

There are eleven total members on the Community Senate, which meets once a month and is conducted by Dr. Roger Fuller, upper school principal. It is composed of two members per grade, a president and vice president of the student council, and the president of the Principal’s Advisory.

In the Community Senate, students attempt to pass legislation which goes straight to Fuller. In the past, a bill passed to make sure that all student government elections are held before Spring Break. Furthermore, they have passed bills ensuring that no student can hold more than two elected offices simultaneously and that each class must have an assigned testing day. This committee also conceived of the dress code and cell phone policies that are currently in place at Milken.

“They’ve truly been instrumental in framing culture at Milken,” Fuller said. “I’d have to say that my favorite things that they passed were the cell phone and dress code policies.”