Scapin brings its manic energy to the Milken stage

Matt Novian


Scapin Cast
Barton Richman, Talia Kamran, and Benjamin Pitt dominate the stage. Photo courtesy of Matthew Novian.

Bill Irwin’s Scapin came to life Tuesday night, as the cast of Milken students took control of the stage and provided good fun for the entire audience. And although at times the heavy Italian accents produced some confusion within the plot, pulsing energy within the play left a persistent smile on my face throughout the duration of the event.

Brigette Toubia’s mesmerizing performance as Scapin was one of the highlights of the evening. Her rapport with fellow actors and the audience proved her to be an actress natural to theatre. Her knowledge and comfort with her role helped the entire play feel smoothly woven together.

The young actress was accompanied by an actor who, I must admit, gave a performance second to none. Freshman Benjamin Pitt truly left the audience sobbing with laughter with his performance. I would not be surprised if someone told me that he is related to Brad [Pitt]. I have yet to meet this emerging talent, but his performance was convincing enough to make me believe that Sylvester, his character in the play, to be Pitt’s true personality. Still a freshman, Pitt has years to refine his skills, as he is truly an acting prodigy.

A sold out crowd gave the cast and crew a standing ovation on closing night. The play truly deserved such a reception after taking into account the extraordinarily vivid set, the direction of Mr. Robert Menna, and the overall performance of an exuberant cast.

Benjamin Pitt brings Sylvester to life. Photo courtesy of Matthew Novian.