Why Laker fans have nothing to worry about

Kobe Bryant, Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol
Pau, Kobe, and Bynum: Three reasons not to worry. From http://live.drjays.com.

What happens when you drop three hungry lions on a 94 by 50 foot court? The competition produced merely by the desire to find a mate and sustenance will leave the court as dead as the Clippers’ trophy closet.

I assure you, the Miami Heat will not be a contender in this year’s NBA Finals. Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh were all in the NBA’s top 10 scorers last season, second, fifth and ninth, respectively. Entering their seventh season in the NBA, the Miami Mouseketeers are seasoned veterans, all used to leading their own teams and putting up big numbers. Will three dominant forces find an altruistic spot in their hearts for the betterment of their team? Certainly not. NBA superstars share the spotlight as willingly as Jersey Shore’s Snooki. And just like the drunken fool aforementioned, these three indulge in fame, forgetting that their main priority is to win basketball games.

I haven’t even mentioned the likelihood of injury. Dwayne Wade tweaked his hamstring this pre-season, a foreshadow of the Heat’s ill fate. James’ hamstring also has had some problem of its own. Let’s remember thst the Lakers’ attempt at a “dream team,”fell when Karl Malone suffered an injury that offset title hopes.

Now, while on the topic of the Lakers, allow me to emphasize: the Los Angeles Lakers will achieve a second three-peat, Phil Jackson will lift the championship trophy for his twelfth time before 19,000 ebullient fans in June, and Kobe Bryant will seal his legacy as one of the NBA’s greatest players- ever. I would take Pau Gasol over Chris Bosh any day. Likewise, the leadership and skill of Kobe Bryant surpasses that of Dwayne Wade’s. When the Heat and Lakers face off December 25, I will be there, courtside, fitted in my finest purple and gold, watching the Lakers prove that cHEATers never win.

Quick point: Miami (5-3) has lost 3 games while the Lakers (8-0) remain undefeated — Boston sits at 6-2.