Meeting McClendon

Jordan Brenner

Staff Writer

Born in Los Angeles, Ms. Christina McClendon, Milken’s new librarian, attended Burbank High School, and later studied English Literature at Stanford University.

During her time at Stanford, McClendon began working in libraries and found that she loved the job. This sparked her passion for pursuing a profession in literature, and overall education. Since graduating, McClendon has worked in the Los Angeles Public Library and the Young Research Library.

McClendon accomplished many things over the course of this past summer. She finished her master’s degree, accepted a job at Milken, and in August, she left her part-time position at the Los Angeles Public Library and started her new librarian career at the Esther and Sol Smith Family Library, at Milken.

“It’s been a great transition,” McClendon said.

In her free time, McClendon enjoys planting, reading, nurturing animals, and watching TV. Her favorite television shows include “Hannibal,” “Game of Thrones,” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” McClendon also loves surrounding herself with music, listening to pop music, and playing the drums.

In addition to being a librarian, McClendon teaches robotics and supervises an advisory class. She is most excited to tag along on her advisees’ journeys through school.