The new Miller in town

Samantha Suman

Staff Writer

From a small town in Minnesota to the fast paced Los Angeles, Dr. Kim Miller, Milken’s newest English teacher, has had quite the journey.

Miller lived in Mankato, Minnesota until she was in sixth grade, when she moved to what she refers to as “that crazy town” of Racine, Wisconsin. She attended Mankato State University, where she majored in Creative Writing, and minored in Theater. She then transferred to the University of Montana, where she received her bachelors degree in English. After Montana, Miller attended Charlotte University where she earned her teacher’s certificate in secondary English. She later went on to receive her masters and PhD in folklore and mythology at UCLA.
Miller always knew that she wanted to be a teacher. Though she initially thought that she would become an elementary school teacher, she later realized that her true passion is teaching English.

“I love teaching grammar and I love teaching vocabulary – and that maybe makes me a little weird, but it makes me happy to go to work everyday,” said Miller.

Prior to coming to Milken, Miller taught as a long-term substitute English teacher. She also taught humanities and anthropology at a university level and at community colleges, as well as folklore mythology and preparation for the SAT. She has now settled on Milken.

“I really like the students, I really like the atmosphere, I like the curriculum, and I really felt like the people I would be working with were honorable, interesting, and intelligent,” said Miller.

In her free time, Miller enjoys gardening, watching movies, reading mysteries, and spending time with her kids. She also likes to sing, especially in the classroom.

Her cheerful attitude is a result of her personal philosophy.
“Attitude is everything. Life is what you make it. Find the positive things and focus on them instead of focusing on the negative things,” said Miller.