2011-2012 Milken Top 10: Number 7 – Color Wars

Jake Davidson and Gabe Freeman


The Countdown:

Number 10: Food Wars

Number 9: The Voice

Number 8: Occupation on the Gridiron 

Topic: Color Wars

For Number 7, we recount the ups and downs of Color Wars.

Color Wars was a surprise this year.  Literally, it surprised us.  This year color wars created a buzz around school as the competition was top notch.  Some of the highlights included a surprise victory in the donut eating competition by freshman, Brandon Yashoufar ’15.  The performance by the young eater has already been compared to that of professional eating champion, Takeru Kobayashi.  In addition, Max Offsay  ’11, a four-time donut eating champ, made a surprise appearance and was even asked to eat the ceremonial first bite, but he declined.  The seniors defended their crown in the dodge ball competition while the juniors won the Jeopardy game in dominating fashion.  The highlight this year, however, was undoubtably the front flip by Jonah Lavin in the grade dance off.  Check out the epic flip below.


Without disrespecting the seniors, we are inclined to mention their subpar Color Wars performance this year.  Traditionally, the seniors have always been victorious in the competition.  Maybe it was the surprise or maybe the weather was a distraction, but regardless, the seniors did not come ready to win.  While they did not lose color wars per se, there was no winner announced this year.  The Roar’s special investigative unit has arrived at two possibilities: the score was either too close to calculate, or the seniors lost.  If the latter was the case, we would like to point out that they lost a fixed competition.  The seniors had their shining moment during Color Wars when Elai Shine ’12 took over the stage and captivated the school.  And aside from their victory in dodgeball, the seniors turned in a dismal and mostly forgettable performance in their final Color War games.