2011-2012 Milken Top 10: Number 9 – The Voice

Jake Davidson and Gabe Freeman

Co-Editor in Chiefs

The Countdown:

Number 10: Food Wars

Topic: The Voice

For the number 9 topic, we chose to focus on the voices that have resonated the most in our collective consciences.

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The Voice Behind Milken Sports

While the average student would never confuse Milken with an athletic powerhouse, it is interesting to note that the athletic department does livestream games, which places it in a rarified atmosphere. This livestreaming is always accompanied with entertaining announcers, but one game in particular this year will live on in Wildcat lore. Milken faced off against league rival Pacifica to battle for the Heritage League title on February 12. The Wildcats clawed their way back from a 12-point deficit to pull within two with 13 seconds to go. Catching the inbound pass, Adam Treisman ’13 was rejected on an attempt to tie the game. The ball was kicked out and swung around to Ariel Isaacson ’12, who almost provided late game heroics, but his shot rimmed out. While the gameplay was definitely exciting, it was no match for announcer Joel Seligman ’14’s passionate performance by lamenting the no-call on Treisman by energetically asking “Where was the foul?” nine times in a one-minute span. In a truly memorable sequence, Seligman ensured his place in Wildcat announcing history. Check out the clip to get the full experience.




The Voice Behind Minyan Beyachad

It is 8:34 and you are listening to your teacher explain the homework for next class, when out of nowhere The Voice comes over the loud speaker: “Beautiful tenth graders and the others, please report to the theater for Minyan Beyachad.” Minyan Beyachad as a program has achieved success rounding out the roster of attractive minyanim, competing with the likes of Meditation and Yoga. However, the Milken atmosphere, already rampant with self-image issues, cannot handle an attack on our collective appearances. In a world where students struggle mightily to accumulate Instagram likes and battle for default shares, referencing those “others” shakes the fragile psyche of the Milken community. These announcements have propelled Minyan Beyachad to the not top 10, simply because they can be so offensive!  It is just in the Milken DNA to wonder who these “others” are, and who are the “good looking” ones. Will being attractive help earn the benefit of the doubt with grades, or will “others” be subject to discrimination and mistreatment? In a school that emphasizes community, do we really want to classify those who are good looking and those who are not?