Rollin’ down a river

Jacob Pollack and Zachary Brenner

Staff Writers 

Nothing is deemed a greater rite of passage at Milken than the Colorado River trip. Some people would define their experience along the Colorado River by bug bites and sunburns, or the interesting food choices. But most of all, the Colorado River trip gives the ninth grade a unique opportunity to bond as a class in tents and canoes instead of the classroom, and among beautiful starry nights and scenery.

When preparing for this trip, one can never pack enough insect repellant, sun block and – just to be safe – personal toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

Members of the Class of 2014 participate in a canoe race while on the Colorado River Trip.

Aside from keeping somewhat sanitized while on this voyage, there were other components that spark memories of “Milken Moments” that will be remembered long after graduation from high school. These memories are not only from students, but also from teachers.

For example, Karin Ziv ’14 classified her favorite part of last year’s river trip as “tipping over Mr. Battis,” while Mr. Battis remembered “being pushed… once.”

According to Michael Kadisha ’13, the overall experience and the presence of nature was extremely rewarding.

“The Colorado River trip made me a man, forced me outside of my bubble, you know. I could really be at one with the nature,” he said.

Although students may be apprehensive for this trip, the memories that are taken away outweigh the anxiety. One piece of advice fromThe Roar: It is never too early to start packing.