Monthly photo gallery: February

Samantha Simon

Roar Photographer

I love animals and have always wanted to focus on their unique colors and details. When my parents told me we were going to Costa Rica for Winter Break, I could not wait; friends and family kept telling me about the exotic animals I would see there. When we first landed in the country, we saw crocodiles, iguanas and many different types of birds. I had never seen anything like them and I was shocked by their gorgeous figures and expressions. One day of the trip, we went on a tour of the national park in Costa Rica. It ended up being my favorite day because of how close we got to the monkeys, raccoons and frogs.  The monkeys and their facial expressions were the most interesting to me. I loved the way they stared into my camera lens and the way their fur stood out among the trees. I absolutely loved Costa Rica and taking photos of its animals because it gave me the ability to see exotic beings close up, in a new light.


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