Cohen dynasty dominates basketball

Cohen family photo
The Cohen clan from left to right: Shoshana, Sorelle, Cobyand Avia. Photo by Jordyn Schiff.

Gabe Freeman

Sports Editor

Athletic records at Milken are not well documented and are usually overlooked. Statistics have never been the primary concern with Milken athletics, and the Wildcats instead promote good sportsmanship and teamwork. However, as the Cohen dynasty achieves a highly unlikely feat, one record broken this basketball season cannot be ignored.

This year, the Cohen family will have four kids playing varsity basketball, something that surely has never happened at Milken thus far.  Shoshana ’12, Sorelle ’13, Coby ’13 and Avia ’15 all made varsity this year and, in doing so, are setting a record that will probably stand at Milken for a long time.

The last time such a unique event happened at Milken was when quadruplets all got accepted into MIT in 2008. However, the Cohen scenario might just oust that.

Both Shoshana and Sorelle are being recruited to play college basketball, and Coby is 6’7″. To call the Cohens a basketball family would be an understatement.

By the time they all graduate, they will have collectively played 13 seasons of varsity basketball at Milken and the fifth Cohen could boost that total in the future.  While this situation is certainly a first, each Cohen is an important asset to his or her team.

Sorelle admits that it is pretty remarkable to play with her two sisters at the same time, as they have shared several instances where all three of them are on the court at once.

“One play Shosh passed it to me, I passed it to Avia, and she scored!” Sorelle said. “It was pretty cool.”

Ultimately, this Milken record is not about statistics or individual achievement, but rather about the dominance of a family that will certainly leave their mark on Milken basketball.