Milken security to begin backpack sweeps

Eden Jablon

News Editor

Beginning Monday, September 26, Milken will resume its system of backpack sweeping. At least once a day, typically at the beginning of lishma, security guards will collect any unattended belongings on campus. Bags will be examined and sent to the lost and found, and cell phones and laptops will be kept in the front office.

Dr. Roger Fuller, upper school principal, explained that this process acts as a safeguard against both terrorism and theft. The system was implemented after September 11 as an additional security measure. Though it is regrettable that students are inconvenienced, it helps create a safer campus environment.

“Backpack sweeps seem to be a way of life; they seem to be necessary,” Fuller said. “We want to be a community, but we live in a real world.”

Fuller expects that the sweeps will help students become more aware of their belongings. Ultimately, a carelessly placed backpack would stand out.

For the 2012-2013 school year, Fuller plans to give each student an identification card to tie on to his or her bags. This will increase security and make it easier to return belongings.

Featured image by Samantha Simon.