Top five ways to celebrate college acceptance

Leigh Jacobson


In the past few weeks, many of us in the Class of 2012 have been receiving favorable news from the colleges to which we've applied (and don't worry if you haven't-- there's an article on how to handle college rejection next week). For those of us seniors who are lucky enough to now be officially done with the process, the glaring question remains: how to celebrate? The following article addresses the answers that are appropriate enough to be published in a school publication...



1. Tell your parents

The first thing you should definitely do is run and inform your parents; the acceptance letter you hold in your hands is a physical assurance that the $30,000 a year they spend on tuition isn't all for naught. Follow this up with various reasonable and unreasonable demands because, at this time, they're more likely to be extra compliant.

Parents graphic

2. Splurge on college apparel

If you're 100% positive that that school is where you want to go, treat yourself to a shopping spree on their apparel (check out their campus bookstores online or click here for some other ideas). Who cares if you feel like you'll never get a chance to wear that festive, multi-colored track suit- if you want to buy that track suit, by all means go ahead and buy it. And don't feel bad about wearing it to school- you're a senior, you earned it buddy.

Apparel graphic

3. Update your application status on Naviance

I'm sure there's nothing more gratifying than returning to your master list of schools and such and clicking "accepted". You could even click and un-click it multiple times just to get the satisfaction of being able to hit "yes" over and over again.

Naviance graphic

4. Sit and revel in the relief

Your arduous journey is over: you are free at last. Kick back, enjoy life, and pat yourself on the (college apparel-clad) back. Take a few moments, or even hours, to enjoy the thought of saying goodbye to college applications forever. Feel free to look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself an inspirational congratulatory speech. Say "winning" nonstop all day. It's all you.

Common App graphic

5. Frame the letter of acceptance

Or if it's an email, print it out and then frame it and relish it as proof that someone actually wants you!

Acceptance letter graphic


Check in next week for the next article in our college-themed series.

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All graphics by Leigh Jacobson.


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